On this website you find more information about the 3 pitches from the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Netherlands and the provinces of Limburg and Zuid-Holland that you have been watching at the Marketplace of the Connecting Europe Days. 

Connecting Europe Days will bring together more than 2,500 participants from all EU Member States and neighbouring third countries, in particular the Western Balkan partners as well as Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia. Participants include Ministers, politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport stakeholders and the European Commission and related agencies.

Rhombus Launch Event

Date:                April 3, 2024 (13.00 – 15.30h)
Location:          House of the Netherlands Provinces, Rue de Trèves 59, 1040 Brussels

This is a side event during the Connecting Europe Days on 2-5 April.
Rhombus is a global plan for the sustainable upgrading of inland ports in the rhomboid shaped 
network of inland waterways in Northwest Europe. The main focus is to facilitate modal shift,
sustainability and the circular economy.
In our launch event we will present the ongoing projects, funded by the European union.
Also, we will contribute in close collaboration with the RH2INE project and SYNERGY project to the 
discussions at the Connecting Europe Days. Our message is to take a holistic approach on transport
infrastructure, energy infrastructure and digital infrastructure. We recommend to put more effort in 
stimulating synergetic elements in future funding schemes.

The RH2INE project and SYNERGY project have both separate break-out sessions on the April 4.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 3. Please sign in here

The event is being organised together with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The logo’s you find here contain background information about the (1) study exploring concrete synergy projects and opportunities between the transport, energy and digital networks on the North Sea – Baltic, Rhine – Alpine and North Sea – Mediterranean Corridors. Next to that, the two examples of synergy-opportunities that were illustrated by the Province of Zuid-Holland, (2) the RH2INE Kickstart IWT initiative and the Province of Limburg, presenting (3) the RHOMBUS concept supporting a network of multimodal sustainable inland waterways and harbors.

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